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Social Media Strategies To Follow In 2023 

Social media, over the course of the past two years, has become explosive in relation to marketing. Instagram has been dominating the internet for so long and has caused competition to arise. It’s been a war of the social platforms. It’s consistently more difficult for marketers, businesses and affiliates to decide what platform is best and to decipher the best strategy to use. It seems as if the algorithm is always changing and you’re constantly having to pivot your strategy. So, how do you know what platform to stick with and what strategy to follow? We’re about to break it down right here. 


So, Which Platforms Should You be Using?


1.     Instagram 

There’s no doubt that instagram still remains afloat and is a major social platform. It's yet to fail mostly due to the massive amount of users that have hopped on the Instagram bandwagon. Based on my research a couple of the niches that do really well on instagram are: 
·      Home décor/ décor aesthetics / homestead life – sometimes I feel like the Instagram niches act as a Joanna Gaines catalogue of sorts. However, it makes sense as great décor and renovated rooms do well with photos. It's a niche that can speak to the nostalgia of what Instagram was built off of: photography. There are still content creators that prefer not to rely on video (ahem, Reels) and this is a great place for them.
·      Traveling – those aesthetic fancy travel Reels you see? Yup! Those are definitely a big hit on this platform. This Is a good opportunity to either look for products to promote in a travel-focused Reel of your own, or influencers that post a lot of travel-related content.
·      Tips and Advice – if you have the run down on business expertise--how to increase reels views, trending audio etc--start creating content utilizing that knowledge. This is a trend I am seeing on the rise within Reels and it works really well. It's a great opportunity to sell your services if you are a service based brand or business.
·      Fitness and health community – health and fitness is one of those niches that will do well on this app and you should be able to find influencers to promote your products or services with ease. 
·      Holistic lifestyle – This is another niche becoming a big trend on Instagram. If you’re into a holistic lifestyle, this is a good one to get into. If you sell jars, kitchen appliances, gardening tools etc, hop on the bandwagon today.
·      Culinary – the amount of food Reels and photos on instagram have just about anyone running to the kitchen to create. Again, this is a good niche to look into if you’re either within the culinary field, can provide food recipes, or sell products associated with the kitchen.

2.     YouTube 

Yup! YouTube is making a rise and comeback again and they’re quickly escalating to the top.
They’ve recently launched their own Shorts feature (to compete with Instagram Reels) and people have hopped on it. If you have the means to keep up with a YouTube channel--whether that be you as an affiliate or a brand--YouTube is a good platform for the following categories:
·      Budgeting and financing tips 
·      Crypto, Bitcoin and all things investing 
·      Real estate tips and advice 
·      Product reviews 
·      Gaming, streaming and gaming reviews 
·      Culinary 
·      Travel documentaries and travel tips/advice 
·      Educational content 
·      Tech and gadgets 
·      Cars! – this one is a big one. If you sell apparel, pitch it to these folks anyways! Any views on YouTube of your product is great exposure.

3.     TikTok 

TikTok has been in question every year. Is it still going strong or is it another platform we'll forget about in a matter of a few short years? As of today, it still continues to remain on top. TikTok has possibly been a top platform for product sales. How often do you hear your friends or colleagues say, “I got those TikTok leggings” or “I got that TikTok beauty product?” With the massive amount of traffic that TikTok continues to provide, it's no wonder how easily a TikTok video can go viral and therefore skyrocket any associated product sales.
What niches do well on TikTok? 
·      Live gaming and gaming in general 
·      Apparel 
·      Fun products such as coffee mugs, custom Yeti mugs, and computer accessories 
·      Culinary 
·      Household items 
·      Fitness accessories and apparel 
·      Travel 
·      Books, knowledge-based facts, and education 

4.     Twitter 

Twitter made some pretty big changes in the final days of 2022. It seems as if Musk came in and did some major clean-up (according to him) but what does this mean for the future of Twitter? Here are some areas that are predicated to do well via Twitter. 
·      Services – Yes! People looking for services for their business such as coaching, assistants and more 
·      Financial budgeting, tips and advice
·      Crypto, bitcoin and anything investment related 
·      Educational facts 
·      Networking – this is a good way to network with potential affiliates, partnerships and more. 

My Favorite Platform Features to Utilize in 2023 


·      Instagram Reels

This is a no brainer since Instagram is still trying to out beat TikTok for traffic. They’re most definitely going to reward you for using their competing features of TikTok.

·      Instagram Subscription

This one is still rolling out but it’s getting more attention. If you have a pretty decent following already and you’re sharing facts, reviews and knowledge, then creating a subscription for exclusive tips, advice and first to know about deals is something to consider. It’s good a good consumer loyalty strategy and it makes you a wonderful passive income. 

·      Youtube Shorts

Since the platform is also trying to compete with TikTok and Instagram, long youtube videos might be a thing of the past. These shorter YouTube videos are now called “Shorts.” 


Don’t try to hit all social platforms at once--you will quickly spread yourself too thin and won't be able to properly capitalize on each platform's true benefits. Utilize one to two platforms that really speak to you and your brand, and over time you can add additional platforms to the mix. 

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