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Social Media Strategies To Follow In 2023 

Social media, over the course of the past two years, has become explosive in relation to marketing. Instagram has been dominating the internet for so long and has caused competition to arise. It’s been a war of the social platforms. It’s consistently more difficult for marketers, businesses and affiliates to decide what platform is best and to decipher the best strategy to use. It seems as if the algorithm is always changing and you’re constantly having to pivot your strategy. So, how do you know what platform to stick with and what strategy to follow? We’re about to break it down right here. 


So, Which Platforms Should You be Using?


1.     Instagram 

There’s no doubt that instagram still remains afloat and is a major social platform. It's yet to fail mostly due to the massive amount of users that have hopped on the Instagram bandwagon. Based on my research a couple...
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Why Investing In Good Influencer Analytics Equals Health & Success in Your Affiliate Program

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, maintaining good influencer analytics is a big component in a successful affiliate program. Why? Imagine choosing influencers with a lot of followers thinking it’s a good fit but they don’t have the right audience to get you the sales. Let me explain in an example:
You're in a partnership with Influencer A that has 105,000 followers (because, well, it’s an impressive number.)
Your target audience and consumers are age group 27-35 with an interest in fishing.
Influencer A barely makes any sales but has a lot of likes in the post featured with your product.
What happened? Well If we dove into Influencer A’s analytics it would show you, only 60% of their following is real profiles and not robots. Out of 60% of those real followers, 55% of that are age groups 18-21 with the remainder being age group 25+ and within that 5% being that age group 95% of that 5% is mostly women not men, which...
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Common Mistakes Businesses Make In Affiliate Marketing & How To Avoid Them

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool that can lead to successful results, expanded brand awareness and large revenue numbers. However, like anything else, it’s done so by doing things the right way and when executed poorly, can lead to some pretty stressful and disappointing moments.
Knowing the common mistakes businesses make when launching an Affiliate marketing program and how to avoid them can help your business stay on track rather than cause a train wreck!
So what are the common mistakes, the break down and solution to it? Let’s get into it!

Mistake 1:  RUSHING the process & grabbing any influencer with high numbers.

Pump those breaks! Numbers on following accounts can be very deceiving. Now you may automatically assume, yes yes Angela we know, sometimes it’s just bots. Eh wrong, not just bots but unengaged accounts! You read that right. A profile can have all the followers in the world, but if 75% of...
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Terms and Conditions Must-Have's In Your Affiliate Program 

Let’s be honest, not everyone is the most trustworthy in this Industry, especially online and ensuring that conditions and terms are set in your program is key. After all, if you’re product based, you’re giving them out to affiliate marketers, and some have a rep to taking and not providing any results! 
Don’t panic! Having the right terms and conditions necessary within your Affiliate program contracts will ensure the safety of your revenue. 
Before we get into the terms and conditions, understanding how to properly research influencers and their analytics is a big component. Next post I will be breaking down the analytics of a research influencer profile and what to look for, but for now, here are a few researching programs that are reliable from 2022 statistics that you can use. 
1.     trendHERO
2.     Creator.co
3.     HypeAuditor
4.     ...
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How To Know if Your Brand Is Ready to Launch Your Own Affiliate Program

If you ask me, the answer to that question is a tad blurred. Let me explain why!

You have brands that jump into it right away upon launch or new launch of products or services.
Then you have brands that are more held back on the idea of starting affiliate marketing and prefer to grow brand awareness through other channels and strategies before implementing the programs. 
There’s no right or wrong to each route and it comes down to preference and what you’re comfortable with for your brand in the season that it’s currently in. However, there are some helpful points to determine if your brand might be ready to launch an affiliate marketing program that could offer some courage to dive in if you’re feeling reserved about the idea of implementing the program.
Let’s explore the differences between the two routes of: jumping right in or waiting before we get into the steps to know if your brand is affiliate...
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