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25 ways to get started recruiting affiliates to grow your course or coaching program, without breaking the bank.

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Want to know the easiest path to growing your course or coaching program revenue with affiliates, without making a huge investment?

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This cheat sheet is the exact affiliate recruitment strategy used to quickly double my clients' yearly revenue!

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Angela makes the process of launching an affiliate program effortless. After you are done with the process, you realize, "Heck, I got a ton done and didn't even realize how far I came in a short time."

Natalie Luke, Author and Founder of "UnCeiling You!"

This Cheat Sheet is the Secret to Launching a Successful Affiliate Program

This is your quickest path to getting affiliates to help launch your program and increase your bottom line!


¬†‚ÄčExactly where to go to find affiliates

¬†‚ÄčStrategies for how to get them into your program

¬†‚ÄčImmediately get started skyrocketing your revenue



Where To Find Affiliates

Get 25 easy-to-access touchpoints where you can get started finding quality affiliates to help you grow your course or coaching program today!





How To Get Them Into Your Program

Access strategies you can easily implement for each touchpoint across multiple recruitment avenues.




Instant Impact and Growth

Affiliates are a fantastic way to gain instant access to other people's warm audiences that can quickly grow your revenue.



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