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How To Make 6 Figures With Affiliate Marketing 

Yes, you read that right. Six figures in affiliate marketing? It is indeed possible and we’re going to dissect how and what to do. I hear a lot of “where do I have the time?” when people ask others about affiliate marketing. However, a reel audio I once heard said “everything is content.” In other words, your day-to-day should be content when it comes to engaging people, promotions, selling things, or affiliate marketing. You don’t need to plan out creating that content. You’re using the hair dryer from Amazon that’s on your amazon associates store front. Film It! Then post with a positive caption and direct link to the blow dryer. Despite all the fancy reels out there, it DOESN’T have to be that fancy. Just jump in and go for it!


So what are the steps in making 6 figures? Let’s get to it: 


1.     Find the right niche to reach a massive audience 

Now, smaller niches are great and you can still dabble In those. However, you might want to choose a niche or two that has a large audience you can reach. Smaller niches will take a longer time to get notice from and not as much revenue generation compared to a niche with a larger audience. Research niches you love and choose the ones that you see capturing a larger market. Again, Amazon is a great way to participate in affiliate marketing. I’ve seen commission from products ranging all the way up to $70. Imagine just if a few people bought that item (earning you $70 commission) just because you posted about it and had a link attached? Easy Right? 
“Well no because you have to build out your own landing page, right?” Is what I get asked. Well yes, but following Instagram strategy is a key point there. If you follow a strategy going with the grain of the algorithm, you’ll get there a lot sooner than you think! Stay consistent with it.

2.     Choose higher priced offers to make higher profit

Again, as I mentioned there are products on Amazon with commission as high as $70 and counting. For example, if you choose Amazon products to promote, you should stick to the higher commission products. When going into affiliate marketing, choosing niches that have a massive audience is important, but also choosing products that are high commission based.
One of my favorites that can generate a higher percentage of revenue is promoting online courses. Courses can be pretty pricey, especially with larger personal brands or schools. Affiliate marketing based around online courses can get you a higher commission pay due to the higher price point. Marketing technical gadgets or objects is another one that falls in this category. Drones, cameras, computers, audio equipment, etc. are all products that have a hefty price tag attached. So what does that mean? A big affiliate percentage to go along with your hard work.
Another one that many people may not know about or have heard about as an option, is promoting publicly expensive services like CRM software or hosting sites. Whatever category you end up choosing must require you doing your research. There are still a few products out there with high-end price points that are still not willing to give affiliate marketers a good cut for their advertisement so you’ll need to research if the juice is worth the squeeze.

3.     Utilize keyword search for finding niches and products 

Oh keywords--there’s a lot to know--but boy are they helpful (and completely necessary). Downloading sites such as erank.com and Neil Patel's tool, Ubersuggest.com, you can actually research keywords of products such as “gaming devices” or “fitness wear” and compare search rankings. Why? Well you can stay on top of niches that are doing well and choose ones to affiliate with that will generate the most side cash for you. Besides that, when you promote the products you're affiliating for you now are aware of the keywords that are performing well and can utilize them. Same goes for hashtag generators. Researching hashtags that work well is also key when posting content affiliated with products and or brands you are promoting! 
If you’re a brand or company wanting to make a six- or seven-figure income through affiliate marketing, then following these steps are going to get you there much quicker.

If you haven’t read over my blogs yet, I have quite a few that will be helpful in addition to this one, from helpful tools, important information to add within your affiliate contracts, and more when it comes to affiliate marketing from a program launch perspective. However, I’ll break down a few points below! 


1.     Finding the right affiliates 

I talk more about this in a future blog post, but using programs such as Influencity can be helpful in dissecting an influencer profile in order to choose the right ones to be on brand.

2.     Setting up an affiliate program

Setting up a program can be as easy as having contract agreements ready in place, readily available information on what benefits you're affiliates will have for promoting your offer,
and a portal (or affiliate hub) that will be easiest to communicate with them through for super easy program management.

3.     Advertise that you’re looking for affiliates

There are a lot of micro influencers out there looking for products and services they like and can see themselves promoting to grow their own page as well. Micro influencers are going to be your friend! It’s come to a point where the majority of social audiences don’t necessarily trust larger influencers anymore. Audiences prefer authenticity and lean into promotions that don't feel like some major ad gimmick. Larger influencers have so many brands constantly poaching them for promo opportunities and it’s hard to tell if they truly do love the product or it’s just another paid gig for them. 

4.     Engagement 

Take 30 minutes to an hour out of your day to engage with accounts of micro influencers and mid influencers to gain their affiliate interest. This is similar to engagement for follower growth, however, you’re targeting profiles of affiliates interested to work with you. 
Now don’t sound like one of those scams and just hit the DM’s. Many of these affiliates and influencers have a contact button on their profile that provides how you can reach out to them. Send an email over to them with a sincere pitch and if they aren’t getting back to you simply send a short DM of “Hi, I'm so-and-so from 'your brand'. I sent you an email in regard to my affiliate program. I love your content and would love to discuss a possible partnership.” The LESS your DM sounds like a copy/pasted mass message, the more genuine interest you’re going to get out of them! 


It's important to note that none of this is overnight success and you still have to put in some work for it! However, following the right steps, strategy and proper research will get you making that six-figure income a lot sooner than you'd ever expect. 

Need some extra assistance with getting your affiliate program up and running? Allow my team to help through options from done-with-you coaching, to training, to done-for-you management services. Schedule a call today! 

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