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How to Promote Affiliate Products: Review or Tutorial?

Success with affiliate marketing is a result of many moving parts coming together to form the ultimate income-producing machine. Those moving parts consist of making sure you are promoting products that are appropriately aligned with what your audience actually wants to buy, combined with promoting them on the appropriate channels, and lastly properly creating your content to sell the products.
Anyone that is selling products through affiliate links should be exploring all options as to how each product will be help the consumer feel most comfortable clicking the affiliate link and making a purchase.
So let's walk through all three steps, working through the question, "should I be creating a review or a tutorial for my specific affiliate product?"


What Are The Best Products to Sell As An Affiliate?

Times are a changing, and if a product has been made, it's likely been sold by affiliates already. But after a couple weird years behind us, what's in store...
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