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Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

Inputting the right steps and the right dedication can significantly increase revenue from affiliate marketing. As social media platforms and SEO continuing to dominate the marketing world, many brands and companies are still turning to affiliate marketers to promote their products. 


How much money can you make with affiliate marketing? 

The most successful affiliate marketer stories such as Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from Making Sense Of Cents, were reported to currently make up to an average of $159K a month! 

But let’s talk averages on what you can possibly make before you get to Michelle’s level!

Based off most recent reports and statistics, the average income for an affiliate marketer rounds up anywhere from $38k/year on average for lower tier affiliate marketer through $71K/year for top tier affiliate marketers. That’s a good chunk of dollars for just passive income right?! That’s an average yearly take home salary for most people! Imagine that amount as just extra coming in on top of your salary, if you desire to do affiliate marketing on the side. 

How reliable are affiliate marketing companies you partner with in terms of revenue?

It’s important to note that not all affiliate merchants you will work with are going to give a big chunk. There will be affiliate merchants that you will be getting a nice check or commission % from and the next day you will receive a smaller amount from another affiliate merchant. However, you can control the revenue factor to an extent through these key steps: 
  1. Choosing the right affiliate merchant with higher commission percentages. Review my post on Top Niche Industries To Form Affiliate Partnerships With to read on most profitable niches in 2022  

  2. The right tools and strategy to generate a high revenue from Affiliate marketing. Review my post on 10 Tools You Need As An Affiliate Marketer to help get you started, guide you and set you up for affiliate success

  3. Dedication and Consistency! It comes down to being consistent in promoting the products of your affiliate partnership and promoting them the right way that determines the revenue coming in. Review my post on How To Promote Affiliate Products that breaks down best products to sell in 2022, how to sell those products and even Affiliate marketing laws that come in handy so you don’t run into any troubles! 

Conclusion, is it worth it? 

Yes! The beauty of the Affiliate marketing world coming to its existence as social media grew Is that it’s provided great opportunities for many people to create more financial stability and or financial help. Even if it’s an extra $1k a month to start, that is extra income that can help with bills, loans, vacations even or buying that one thing you really wanted! Extra income is always a great asset and with Affiliate marketing you have the control and power to bring in as much revenue as you desire with the key tools, strategies and information to get you there!

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