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How to drive traffic to your affiliate links

Hey fellow affiliate marketer! 

So you have joined forces with affiliate merchants (ie some brands that you love) and are now wondering… “how do I get traffic to my affiliate links?
It’s a common question, and I have a few answers that should spark some ideas for you.
But first, let's do a quick refresh on what your landing pages should look like.

Your Affiliate Landing Pages

If we are going to drive traffic somewhere, it better be buttoned up.
So whether your links are integrated into a blog post, resources page or video (like on YouTube), you’ll want to make sure that your landing page is somewhere on your website.
With YouTube, you can link or embed the video within a landing page on your site.
Next, make sure your links are listed more than once:
The first link will be within the intro paragraph. Second, a couple times within the body as you are mentioning your affiliate product or service. And third, in the recap at the end.
You’ll also want to be sure that you have included your affiliate disclosure. This should be the very first thing you say--before you even post any links. Your disclosure should let your audience know you are partnering with this brand. It can be short and in small print, as long as it’s legible and appropriately discloses that you are using affiliate links.
Okay, now that we have your landing page buttoned up, let’s get to the good stuff. How are we actually going to make sure eyeballs are seeing it? Let’s go through my top methods.

Get More Eyes Seeing Your Links

Where should you cross-promote? Here are some of my top ideas:

Idea 1: Your email list.

Yes, your email list can be a great place to include your links, BUT have you ever thought about just using your email list to drive traffic to your affiliate products? Using your email list just to nurture your audience (versus trying to sell to them directly from your emails) is a great way to boost conversion.
This allows them to trust you, and also get on board with whatever brands or products you are referring.
For example, you could create an email or even an email sequence, talking about your affiliate product or service in a few different ways: maybe it’s personal testimonial, or a how-to email, or an email all about why you don’t like it’s competitors.
Whatever you choose, create your email that only links back to your landing page on your website, where then they can click through and find out more information on the affiliate product itself.

Idea 2: Your social media.

Of course we all want to use social media to promote affiliate products, because it’s a free method and we likely have a bigger audience here than we do site visitors. But the truth is, social media is very very difficult to directly convert into sales.
So my tip here is to use social media only as a traffic driver to your site. Don’t plan on posting your links on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn, but simply post a little blurb that serves your audience, and link back (maybe with an inline mention) to one of your affiliate landing pages.
For example, maybe you want to provide a 3-day challenge within your facebook group, that coincides with different affiliate products.
Each day after providing value to your group, link back to your landing page where you will provide more information or a special discount for them, versus posting your links on Facebook’s platform.
And be sure to check with your merchant on this, because a lot of times merchants will only allow you to post affiliate links in your facebook group if it is public. This is better anyway, as you want your group members to be able to publicly share any articles or links back to your website!

Idea 3: Peer stages.

My last method is peer stages. What does this mean? It means, sharing your content with other people in your same industry, who have similar audiences.
This doesn’t mean you are each others’ competitors, but it does mean that your services complement each other nicely.
So whether they choose to focus on sharing your content with their email list, or on their social platforms, it can be whatever method resonates with their audience the best.
You will simply post some form of helpful, relevant content on your affiliate product, link it back to your site, and ask your peer to share it. In return, you can share their content with your audience! It’s a win-win for everyone!
Boom, there you have it. You have just opened up your offers to a whole new group of people!

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