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How Do I Get Affiliates to Sell My Products?

Are you looking for ways to increase sales for your products without having to do all the marketing work yourself? Affiliate marketing might be just the solution you're looking for! Even today, it's an untapped industry and one that might just be able to provide you with higher average cart values, higher conversion rates, more loyal customers, and lower customer acquisition costs than some more popular marketing channels. However, we know that getting affiliates to promote your offers can be a challenge. Well, I'm here to help!
Let's dive into some tips on how to get affiliates excited and motivated to sell your offers:

1. Offer attractive commission rates

First thing's first, offering attractive commission rates is crucial. Affiliates are in it to generate income for themselves, so they'll be more likely to promote your offers if they know they'll be earning an exciting amount of commission. It's important to look at what your competitors are offering and try to match or exceed their commission rates to stand out from the crowd.
I like to map out a competitive analysis before launching my program. Gather a list of all of your peers in the same industry as you, what they are offering as far as commissions and incentives, and how exactly they are structuring their affiliate program. This is going to provide a ton of insight for you as you solidify a solid offering for your affiliates.

2. Provide high-quality marketing materials

Another important aspect is providing high-quality marketing materials. Affiliates will be more likely to promote your products if you provide them with well-designed, informative, and easy-to-use materials. This includes things like banners, product images, and sales copy. Your materials should be so good that affiliates can't help but show off your products to their audience!
One way to make this as easy as possible for your affiliates, is to take care of all of the back-end work for them. Offer them a banner or text link that you change out in coordination with your launch dates, promotions or seasonality of your offers. Remember, they are going to promote the brands that provide the simplest, and most effortless, path to making money.

3. Build relationships with potential affiliates

Building relationships with potential affiliates is also key in affiliate marketing. Attend industry events, join online communities, and reach out to bloggers and influencers in your niche. Building relationships with potential affiliates will help you find people who are interested in promoting your products.
In an industry where genuine, thoughtful, human connection is often replaced with technology, it's even more important for you to make the effort to build a solid relationship foundation with each individual you work with. Connect with your affiliates. Get to know them. Ask them what they need and how you can help them. Allow them insider access into how you serve your community with your products or services. And work together to mutually benefit both parties.

4. Make it easy for affiliates to sign up and get started

It's important to make it easy for affiliates to sign up and get started. Provide clear instructions on how to sign up, and make sure the process is quick and easy. I like to have an affiliate landing page, linking from the footer of your website. The landing page is going to include everything they need to know about your program--who you seek to affiliate with, what you are offering them, and who your ideal customer is--as well as a clear link to sign up. Once they apply, you are able to vet their application and decide whether they are a good fit to work with your, or not.
After affiliates are approved, provide them with everything they need in order to start promoting your products. You can educate them not only on your offers, but on affiliate marketing in general. Most affiliates (even seasoned pros) will appreciate some best practices on how to achieve ultimate success promoting your product or service. The easier it is for them to get started and the more organized you are, the more likely they are to have success when promoting your products.

5. Offer bonuses and incentives

Offering bonuses and incentives is a great way to motivate affiliates to promote your products. For example, you could offer a bonus for reaching a certain sales goal or for promoting your products on a particular platform. This will not only motivate them to work harder but also make them feel appreciated.
I like to offer a jumpstart bonus for my new affiliates. Offer them an incentive for reaching a certain number of sales or certain revenue amount within a specific amount of days. For example, if they make 5 sales within the first 30 days of signing up, you will offer them a $50 cash bonus. Or another great incentive option is to have them work to compete against their previous performance. This can look like offering them a commission increase for beating their sales from last month by 50%.
Whatever you decide to do, make your affiliate program enticing for affiliates and make sure your program is top-of-mind for them as they plan out their promo calendar.

6. Communicate regularly with your affiliates

Finally, communication is key. It's important to communicate regularly with your affiliates. Let them know about new products, promotions, and other updates. I like to provide a monthly newsletter that they can expect to come out at the same time every month. And in between, they can count on me sending seasonal updates, other promotional news, or incentive opportunities.
It's also important to ask for feedback and suggestions on how to improve your affiliate program. If they don't feel seen or heard, they are likely to choose to work with another brand. Make sure they feel appreciated, and that you are available to answer questions or concerns. The more you communicate with your affiliates, the more engaged they'll be.


In conclusion, by following these tips, you can create a successful affiliate program that drives sales and helps grow your business. So what are you waiting for? Start reaching out to potential affiliates, provide them with attractive commission rates, high-quality marketing materials, and keep them motivated and engaged through bonuses and regular communication.

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