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2023 Niches To Keep An Eye Out For In Affiliate Marketing

As we slowly progress into 2023, setting up the proper game plan for the upcoming year is going to be key to being ahead of the curve. Knowing what niches are predicted to be big and what can you do to push your niche is a step you have to plan for. We’ll be discussing the niches predicted to hit big in 2023 and some helpful steps to plan ahead!

We’re going to dissect these niches within a social style such as: blogs, hobby, platforms and even some social media trends to watch out for when managing influencers or profiles within your affiliate program.
The trends and niches we’ll discuss today may not all be for you as far as blog writing, your podcast or YouTube channel. If you are looking to recruit affiliates to promote your own offer, however, it is helpful to know some of the niches that are going to be doing well so you know the right influencers or affiliates to search for to get the most profit possible!

The Platform That Renamed Itself!

YouTube has made a comeback and is predicted to be top of the social platforms in 2023. Here are some niches that are predicted to make waves on YouTube in 2023:
How to Make Money Online – Affiliate JACKPOT right here. No better way to start promoting affiliate programs than promoting how to make money if your affiliate program offers commission or percentages.
Digital Marketing – SEO tips and more. If you have knowledge on this, weigh in on it! Marketing isn’t cheap, small businesses (with today’s inflation) are struggling to afford the tiniest bit of SEO help. Any guidance provided will be solicited!
Tech, Cars and Gadgets – The car industry is big. If you’re in it, step into your zone of genius provide some value on your channel.
Lifestyle – This one is always going to be a consistent. Any product really fits in lifestyle. Whether you have a product that you refer as an affiliate or you want to recruit affiliates for your program, you can search influencers on YouTube within this industry.
Cooking – Again, great to film your step-by-step process when cooking in the kitchen or you can find influencers within this field if you’re selling products related to cooking, grilling and or kitchen.
Fitness - This is another one that is always consistent. If you have coaching services, get on it! Otherwise, you can easily find influencers or coaches on YouTube to affiliate with and promote your products!

Most Profitable Blog Niches In 2023

Personal Finance – this is going to be a great one to start immediately. No matter what business you have, if you’re savvy in this area, write some thoughts on it! People are going to prepare for tax season approaching and any helpful tips to speed up the process you have they’ll want to know about! Here are some topics you can write about for personal finance.
  • Taxes
  • Quarterly Budgeting
  • Expense Sheets
  • Understanding Stock Market
  • Credit Cards
This niche is also a pretty competitive niche so be sure to really do your homework on other blogs so you can write content that’s really going to stand out.
Health, Fitness and Well-Being – I feel like this one is ALWAYS going to be top. So if you sell fitness equipment, clothing or services, this one is for you. This one is also highly competitive so you’re marketing skills will need to really shine here!
  • High Interval Training
  • Pilates
  • Healthy Eating For Busy Mothers
  • Best Apps for workouts on the go
This topic is niche is super helpful and an opportunity to really promote any coaching services if you’re within that field.
Dating and Relationships – Now don’t get scared off! You may think this topic may not apply but if you sell anything that could contribute to a date night or a thoughtful gift, HOP to it!
Let’s say you sell workout accessories. You can write a blog for thoughtful yearly date night gifts and incorporate your products into the mix! Here are some  subtopics you can write about within this niche!
  • Date night ideas
  • Relationship advice for men
  • Dating apps to try out for singles (also great to reach out to these apps for affiliate promotion)
Unless you’re a dating coach or sell products you can incorporate as gifts or for a date night, this may be a hard niche to tap into. However, if you just want to be more diverse in your blogs, this one is a great topic to add in there!
Food and Beverage – This one goes with anything. You can promote cookware, grilling items, food subscriptions--you name it. The opportunity in this niche is endless! Here are some subtopics still you can touch on:
  • Best appliances for grilling, baking etc.
  • Holiday gift ideas for the kitchen or grilling
  • Healthy recipes then promote your products along with it
  • Popular cookbooks and cooking influencers to follow etc.

Product Niches Predicted To Be Popular in 2023

  • Smart Kitchen Appliances
  • Golf Equipment
  • Pet Supplies
  • Phone Accessories
  • Computer Accessories
  • Home Décor
  • Fitness or Casual Apparel
  • Hair Care
  • Beauty Accessories
  • Organizing Accessories
  • Office Supplies
  • Daily Planners

Popular Trends Arising in 2023

Authenticity – the days of over filters and fake on instagram are closing out. Audiences can tell when a influencer is just “selling” and that won’t help your sales at all. Finding influencers and ambassadors to work with because they love your product will come off way more authentic, therefore in return a higher chance of genuine sales (and community).

Short Videos and Tiktoks - This is moreso to watch out for the work your influencers and ambassadors are putting in. If you see they’re not putting in the work to follow trends and in return not gaining any momentum for your product, you’ll know if the influencer is doing the right homework and putting in the necessary effort to promote your brand.
Micro Influencers - this goes back to authenticity. Audiences are starting to feel like the big ones just do It for the money and it’s not as authentic anymore. This is where micro influencers come in handy and sometimes for a more affordable cost and more effective results.
Social Shops – get your Insta and Fb shop rolling! The amount of users on socials, having your products right there and then where they can purchase right off your social profile is less cumbersome for the consumer, which means fewer opportunities for them to change their mind (or get distracted)!


Set aside the time to sit down and assess your financial and business growth plans for next year. Write down the niches that apply to your company and or niches you’d like to be involved in, the influencers you'd like to work with if you’re heading that route and map up some leads already to send off proposals to while we are still in Q1!

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